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The Senior National Leagues have continued to grow in numbers. Because of this new structures have been put in place. For the first time in a decade we are looking forward to a complete All Island top league. With this the top clubs from both North and South from the Gold division joined to create the newly named National Elite League. At the same time we have so many clubs competing at "silver" level that we have a complete overhaul. We have increased from 2 to 4 conferences and renamed the division to National League 1
Along with the New regular league structure we are introducing the League Cup, this competition has been played in the NIIHA for a number of years and has shown to be so successful that it is to be rolled out across the whole island. With this league cup it will add more competition throughout the season.

Inline Hockey Ireland would like to welcome a number of new clubs into our organisation.

The Dublin Rebels to the Elite League for their first season of competition.
In the League 1 we welcome back University College Cork Cannonball after an absence of a couple of years, this is one of the first inline hockey clubs in Ireland being founded back in 1995/96. The West Coast is seeing 2 new teams, the Clare Badgers and the Mayo Bulls. Northern Ireland is also getting revitalised with 2 new clubs Belfast Killabeez and Antrim Vandals

The following are the Names of the Teams that you can look forward to watching in the different conferences and divisions. Good Luck to All and welcome again to the new clubs.

National Elite League:
Perkele Pelicans
Northern Cyclones
Kilkenny City Storm
Galway Bay Lightning
Bangor Chiefs
Cork Wolfpack
Longford Hawks
Dublin Rebels


The National League 1

South conference:
University College Cork Cannonball
Cork Wolfpack
Waterford Vikings
Waterford Shadows
Killkeny City Storm

East conference:
Longford Hawks B
Black Hawks
Red Hawks
Dundalk Warriors
Dublin Wolves

West conference:
Clare Waves
Clare Badgers
Mayo Bulls
West Coast Pirates
Galway Bay Lightning

North conference:
Armagh Stars
East Coact Blaze 1
East Coast Blaze 2
Belfast Killabeez
Antrim Vandals
Bangor Chiefs
Northern Cyclones

With the New 2015/16 season around the corner Player Registration will begin shortly.
We have had huge growth over the past 2 seasons with new clubs/teams popping up all over the island. To accommodate the growth over the past few years and make things easier and more efficient, All individuals must register through their clubs.
Registration forms and details will be emailed to your club committees.
Should you have any questions the following are the contacts for the different areas.

Registration (both new club or player) - Anthony Vlk, General Secretary

Financial/Payments - Michael Creane, Treasurer

Senior League Scheduling - Brian Taylor, Senior Development Officer

Discipline/Suspensions/Appeals - Gerard Spence, Vice Chairperson

Setting up Junior Program - Paul Cummins, Child Protection Officer

Ladies Development/Setting up ladies program - Alison Leonard, Ladies Development Officer

Should you have a general question or wish to set up a new club in your area please contact with all your questions

Inline Hockey Ireland is proud to announce a Girls Day of Inline Hockey. This is open to ALL levels no matter if you can skate or not. Come along to try it out (equipment will be available on the day).
16th August from 12 - 3pm at Longford Inline Rink.
9E Mastertech Business Park,
Athlone Road,

girls hockey day2015

Club Registration forms for the 2015/16 season have been emailed out to All clubs, if for any reason you have not received please email

For All New clubs please contact us, we will send you a copy and are happy to help with any requests. For new clubs wishing to figure out what Level they are for leagues, we can assist you in setting up friendly games against existing teams before the start of the season.

If you are in the process of setting up a New Club in your area, we will be able to help you. Please contact the committee with your details so that we can put you in touch with other players in your area.



After working with UK Inline we are pleased to announce the launch of The British Isles Championship,
The winners of the various divisions in the conferences around the British isles will be invited to compete.
Winner of Gold Hibernia cup will qualify for 'A' championships at Solent Arena on 1st/2nd August.
Winner of opposite gold league will qualify for 'B' championships in Sheffield on 25/26th July.
Winner if Silver Hibernia cup and winner of opposite silver league will qualify for 'C' championships in Lutterworth on 25th/26th July.
If a team is unable to travel the next ranked available team will be offered the place

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