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After working with UK Inline we are pleased to announce the launch of The British Isles Championship,
The winners of the various divisions in the conferences around the British isles will be invited to compete.
Winner of Gold Hibernia cup will qualify for 'A' championships at Solent Arena on 1st/2nd August.
Winner of opposite gold league will qualify for 'B' championships in Sheffield on 25/26th July.
Winner if Silver Hibernia cup and winner of opposite silver league will qualify for 'C' championships in Lutterworth on 25th/26th July.
If a team is unable to travel the next ranked available team will be offered the place

Game Day 2
SAT OCT 25 2014
12pm: CLW vs WDV
1pm: WCP vs LFH
2pm: CLW vs IHC
3pm: WDV vs WCP
4pm: LFH vs IHC

1pm: WDS vs GBL
2pm: LBH vs KKS
3:30pm: GBL vs KKS
4:30pm: WDS vs LBH
Athlone has pulled out of the games this game day please see revised game list above.

Due to certain circumstances beyond our control we have had to move the South Silver League games that were scheduled for this Saturday 25th October in Waterford to the Longford Hawks venue

Mullahoran GAA,
Lisattiny, Kilcogy,
Co. Cavan

12:00 ATH vs GBL

13:00 LBH vs KKS

14:00 ATH vs WDS

15:00 GBL vs KKS

16:00 WDS vs LBH

This weekend is a very busy one with the North Silver Round 2 in the Valley Leisure Centre, Newtownabbey and the South Silver having two rounds in two locations, Ennistymon and Longford.

The schedule is as follows
Sunday 5th October
North Silver - Valley Leisure Centre -
9:00 6 ECB vs Red Pitbulls
10:00 7 Chiefs vs Wolves
11:00 8 Stars vs ECB
12:00 9 Chiefs vs Red Pitbulls
13:00 10 Wolves vs Stars

South Silver - Ennistymon
12:00 Clare Waves vs Galway Bay Lightning Inline Hockey Club
13:00 Waterford Vikings vs Waterford Shadows
14:00 Clare Waves Inline Hockey vs West Coast Pirates
15:00 Galway Bay Lightning vs Waterford Vikings
16:00 Waterford Shadows vs West Coast Pirates

South Silver - Longford
12:00 Athlone Eagles vs Longford Hawks
13:00 Longford Black Hawks vs Cork Wolfpack
14:00 Athlone Eagles vs Kilkenny Storm
15:00 Longford Hawks vs Longford Black Hawks
16:00 Cork Wolfpack vs Kilkenny Storm

At the AGM it was announced that there would be a number of Scholarships awarded to Junior Players from around the island. This scholarship includes training with the Mens Senior National Squad, an Official National Team Jersey and access to the coaching staff of the squad.

IHI is very pleased to announce that we have awarded 4 scholarships to the following candidates.

#13 Darragh Bond, Dundalk Warriors

#19 David Sally, Dundalk Warriors

#29 Alexander Williams, East Coast Blaze & Junior Belfast Giants

#30 Andrew Creane, Bangor Chiefs

It a great credit to the coaches, parents and the clubs that these players have come from and the support that they have been given. We congratulate all these players and look forward to the future.

David Sally Darragh Bond

David Sally and Darragh Bond

Alexander Williams

Andrew Creane


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