Longford Changing

Please see below some instructions regarding changing situation in Longford (info regarding Portadown will follow next week). Can you please pass on to all club members.

We understand that the changing space is far from ideal, however if all players and teams follow instructions and common courtesy we can make it more workable for all players. 

Changing Room Allocation
Moving forward changing rooms will be allocated to teams for each game day, there will be times when teams have to share but will be done tactfully.
While the rooms are tight on space teams must keep to their allocated area to ensure all teams have a changing space. Being the first game of the day does not give your team the right to take up all changing space.
We would likely to remind players that this is not the NHL and you do not need excessive space to change.
We would encourage all players to keep clothes and kit inside their kit bag to avoid items getting misplaced. Also, it would be advised to keep sticks inside teams own changing space to avoid mix-ups, etc.

Female Changing
For all game days the first changing room is female changing only and should be treated as such! 
There may be other days where an extra changing room is also allocated as female only.

Can all players please ensure they towel dry in the shower area before returning to the changing rooms to avoid water getting spread round the space. 
Additionally, can we avoid the shower being left on when not in use, as the hot water contributes towards condensation issues on the colder days. 

General Cleanliness
There are a number of bins around the venue can we please ensure that they are used, that includes for leg and stick tape. Leave the changing space as you found it and do not be a contributing factor to problems.

Thank you for your understanding.

If you do encounter additional issues on a gameday we would invite you to raise them with us via email (committee@inlinehockeyireland.org) in a constructive manner so that they can be addressed appropriately. 
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