Officiating Development Plan

Inline hockey ireland referee shirt 06 01 2017
Inline Hockey Ireland in partnership with CERILH are implementing a new plan for the development of officiating of inline hockey in Ireland. This plan is not to gain immediate results but is a long term approach to improve the standard and recruitment of referee’s.

Development Structure

There will be three (3) levels of refereeing qualifications. By the start of 2017/18 an official of any game, including scorekeeper must be at least Level 1 qualified. By the start of the 2018/19 season an on court official for a senior level game must be at least Level 2 qualified. By the start of the 2019/2020 season an on court official for an Elite level game must be Level 3 qualified.

All official’s will be required to do a separate registration on top of the usual IHI registration. This will cost €30 per season and will allow them to attend all referee courses/development days put on throughout the season with no individual costs for these events. Every registered official will also be given an IHI officiating jersey free of charge. All officials are responsible for the rest of their equipment including black referee pants.

As a referee progresses through the levels of qualifications there rate of expenses will increase. The rate of expenses for each level will be updated year on year.

IHI will run a number of officiating courses every year, across a number of different location to ensure the standard across the entire country is maintained.

IHI will put forward any interested Level 3 qualified official to officiate at World and European events through FIRS and CERILH respectively. Please note this may require further training with FIRS/CERILH to gain international qualification. If necessary and where possible IHI will financially assist anyone wishing to pursue these opportunities.

Qualifications Outline

Level 1

To gain Level 1 an individual attending an officiating course and passing both elements (Theory and Practical) of tests. A level 1 qualification allows an individual to officiate any IHI game for now but by 2019 only junior games and as an off court official for senior games.

Level 2

An individual must first have a Level 1 qualification and have officiated at least 20 games of any level in last 2 years. They must then attend an officiating course and passing both elements of tests. These tests will be more in depth than level 1. A level 2 qualification allows an individual to officiate ant IHI game for now but by 2019 only on court for leagues below Elite and off court official for all leagues.

Level 3

Must first have a Level 2 qualification and officiated at least 25 senior level games in last 2 years. The individual must then apply to start Level 3 program. The referee will be then constantly reviewed over a 6 month period. The referee must gain ‘excellent’ reviews in 80% of games in the period. A level 3 official can officiate any IHI game.


Every registered official will be reviewed at least twice per season by the Officiating Assessors. This is to provide feedback to officials on what they are doing well and what areas needs improvement.

Before the start of each season there will be an Officiating Development Day where all registered officials will attend. This will act as a theory refresher while also acting as a discussion problem that referee’s have faced in the past and how to address. It is also a good opportunity to get to know your fellow officials.

We hope this plan will help facilitate the continued development of our officials which in turn can help improve the level of game play across all leafues.

If you are interested in taking up officiating or want to find out more information feel free to get in contact with us.