Inline Hockey Ireland

What is Inline Hockey Ireland (IHI)?

Inline Hockey Ireland (IHI) is the national governing body for Inline Hockey in Ireland. IHI acts just like the FAI for soccer and the GAA for Gaelic Football and Hurling. IHI runs national competitions, sets out the rules and regulations associated with playing inline hockey, and fosters development of the sport in Ireland.

What Clubs are affiliated with IHI?

You can find a list of all clubs affiliated with IHI on the Clubs page of this website. There are new clubs starting all the time so check back regularly to see if a new club has started in your area.

How do I join IHI?

First of all, contact one of the clubs in your area. Then you can register with IHI via your club. All players must be registered with IHI to be covered by our insurance, even if you are not competing in our leagues. Alternatively, you can register with IHI as a non-playing member.

There is no club in my area but I want to play. What should I do?

If you cannot find any information about a club in your area or near you, contact us. There may be other people in your area looking for a club and if there is enough of you, you can start a club and we can help.

Inline Hockey

What is Inline Hockey?

Inline hockey, sometimes referred to as roller hockey, is a sport similar to ice hockey but played with inline skates. Like ice hockey, skaters on two teams use hockey sticks to direct a disk-shaped puck into the opponent's goal; however, various details of the game, such as the playing surface and puck design, have been adjusted to allow the use of inline skates at above-freezing temperatures.

What are the rules of Inline Hockey?

The rules of inline hockey can be downloaded from our downloads page.

Compared to the rules of ice hockey, the primary differences are as follows:

  • No checking. Incidental contact is allowed, but only when aiming to play the puck.
  • Played with 4 players (instead of 5 for ice) and a goalie from each team on the surface at a time.
  • Instead of a rubber puck, the game is played with a non-bounce plastic puck with hard nubs to reduce friction and it is lighter than an ice puck.
  • Players wear a long and less padded pant specifically made for added mobility in inline hockey and don't wear shoulder pads (no checking).
  • No fighting.

Starting a club

How do I start a club?

If you'd like to start a club we recommend you do the following.

  • Contact IHI- Contact us and we will give you help and advice for starting. You should also contact us so that you can be affiliated with us to benefit from being part of the association.
  • Get The Word Out- You'll need to get the word out that you are starting a club to find people interested in joining. See the Publicity question below.
  • Find A Venue- You'll need to find somewhere to play. You'll need a hall that is suitable for playing inline hockey in.

How do I spread the word about our club?

The biggest problem you will have starting the club is that nobody will know you are there. There are people interested in playing inline hockey but they don't know there are clubs they can join. The best way to publicise the fact that you are starting a club would be:

  • Ask us to publish a news article on this site saying where the club is starting and who to contact in relation to joining the club.
  • Print posters and put them up in local sports halls, schools, notice boards etc.
  • Submit an article in your local newspaper, newsletter.
  • If you have a social media profiles, create a new page for the club and invite your friends to join it.
  • Email the other inline hockey clubs around the country. They may know someone in the area who would join your club.


What equipment do I need to have?

There is a set of mandatory equipment that all officials and players are required to wear during all IHI activities such as training sessions and games. Players and officials are required to have to following equipment for all IHI activities:

  • Helmet-All players and officials must wear CSA/HECC-approved helmets, with a properly-fastened chin strap. Goaltenders must wear approved face masks.
  • Full face protection (cage or full shield) is required for players less than 19 years of age. Visor or cage must be worn by all players 19 and over.
  • Gloves - All players must wear approved ice/inline hockey gloves.
  • Elbow Pads - All players must wear approved elbow pads.
  • Shin Guards - All players must wear shin guards designed for ice or roller hockey.
  • Skates - Skates must be inline skates, but should not be aggressive skating skates. Skates must be free of any unsafe protrusions. Quad skates are forbidden.
  • Eyeglasses - Any eyeglasses must have plastic, not glass, lenses.
  • Jersey and Long Pants - As all equipment must be covered a jersey and long pants are required.
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