Clubmark is a model being implemented by Inline Hockey Ireland to help ensure our sport continues to develop and that all clubs can play a part in that. Clubmark is a system that assesses clubs’ structure, governance and development. The overall objective of clubmark is to assist all clubs in becoming more sustainable and achieving their full potential.

An important part of clubmark is the collection of resources that are freely available for clubs to utilise to achieve the clubmark levels and club growth.

At its core all clubs should be well structured to ensure good governance. This in turn will help clubs to achieve their development targets. There are many areas of development clubs can engage in and should not be restricted to one person’s view of development. There may be areas of development that some clubs can’t achieve due to reasons outside their control, they should instead focus on areas within their reach.

This philosophy is in place to ensure the future of our sport in Ireland is bright and ensure our focus remains on growth in the right areas. We want all clubs to not just work with us but with each other in achieving success in this. We are rivals on the court; off the court we are teammates trying to increase the participation in inline hockey and enhancing the public reach of OUR sport.

There are four levels (Foundation, Bronze, Silver, Gold) to the Inline Hockey Ireland Clubmark award. Clubs must meet all criteria in each to achieve and progress to the next level.
All clubs will be required to meet at least the Foundation Award to be a registered member club of Inline Hockey Ireland. It is very much encouraged that clubs look to pursue the highest level possible. By the beginning of 2023-24 season a club with underage elements must have at least a Silver Award. This includes but not limited to; Learn to Play  setup, Junior setup and players aged under 18 playing in senior.

Foundation level is meant for a simple single-team senior club with minimal structure. 

Bronze level is all about establishing a club structure and simple governance.

Silver level is all about club governance and safeguarding.

2023/24 Club Registration Fees

A clubs annual Club Registration fee due to Inline Hockey Ireland will be determined by their Clubmark award, representing cost savings for a higher award. These fees will be as follows for 2023/24 payable on 31/08/2023:

  • Foundation Award - €300
  • Bronze Award - €200
  • Silver Award  - €100
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