Now that we are a couple months into the season that are a couple points regarding game play that need addressing.

Being ready to start the game and subsequent periods. 

When the timer prior to the game and half time gets to 0, players must be ready for the period to begin. The clock getting to 0 is not for you to start your team talk or start to put helmets, etc on.
Referees have been informed to be harsher on this.
There have been a couple game days where we have overran our booking which in future will see the game end at the point it is at.

Receiving a penalty.

It has been reported  by multiple referees that there is a widespread problem regarding players when they receive a penalty.
Such player must head straight to the box and can not question the call whether they agree with it or not, this has the potential to be called a misconduct, refs are being instructed to be harsher on this.
A minor penalty does NOT need to be explained by the official there and then even to teams captains/coaches.
Major, Match and Misconduct penalties do need to be explained at the point they are made to the team captain or assistant.
A player can ask for explanation of minor penalties after the game to aid their understanding and reduce the chances of it happening again.
Additionally, we are now offering teams the ability to request a senior official to come out and explain common penalties being called.

Timekeeper box.

On almost every game day there has been a number of people standing in this area to spectate the game. We appreciate this is a great viewing point, however, it can NOT continue. It is impacting on officials abilities to discuss incidents and communicate easily with the scorekeeper.

Thank you all for your understanding and the best of luck for the remainder of the season.

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