Respect of Venues & Personal Property

In light of recent damage at venues and personal property going missing we are issuing a statement to all clubs, coaches, players and parents.

Over the last few weeks there have been a number of incidents regarding property damage and personal property going missing,; this is not in line with the values we hold as an organisation in respect for all and is only showing our organisation and sport as a whole in a negative light. We all work hard across the country to continue to grow this sport but that hard work can be undone very quickly if we start to inherit a bad reputation.

We would like to remind all members that disciplinary action can and will be taken against off the rink issues such as this. If anyone has information regarding the below can they please get in contact with us:

  • Smashed mirror in Men's Changing Room in Portadown
  • Broken Curtain Rails in both Changing Rooms in Portadown
  • Missing Black Nike Trainers
  • Piles of litter left in changing rooms

Please do not feel you are protecting someone by not disclosing this information, this minority of individuals are causing damage to our sport; your sport, and need to take responsibility for their actions.

We appreciate that at times changing is crampt in our 2 main venues, however that does not make it okay to mistreat them. Respect for one another and tidying up after ourselves will go a long way to making the venues more comfortable for all.

Can we ask all coaches and parents to repeat this message to all junior players.

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